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Welcome to the Maritime Institute
The Maritime Institute is your complete source for U.S. Coast Guard approved courses for the recreational, professional, military, and law enforcement professional. Our curriculum covers everything from the basic maritime rules of the road, to the OUPV/6-Pack and Upper Tonnage Captain's Licenses (Master 100, 200, 500 & 1600 GT and 3rd Mate).

You can take our affordable courses in our classrooms,
on-line, or we'll send our mobile team to your location.

Call us today at 888-262-8020 to discuss your maritime career goals, and one our friendly staff will assist you.

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Commercial / Merchant Mariners
Learn More About Our Commercial Merchant CoursesThe Maritime Institute assists commercial mariners wanting to upgrade or renew career enhancing certifications and licenses. Courses from STCW - basic safety to the 500 - 1600 Ton Master's License.

Merchant Mariners        Ferryboat Captains
Able Bodied Seaman     Captain's License & Upgrades
Recreational Mariners
Learn More About Our Recreational CoursesThe educational courses in this path have been designed to meet the needs of the following individuals:
Large Yacht Captains/Crew
Small Charter Operators
Private Recreational Boaters
Sportfishing Enthusiasts

Browse this path for courses that cover everything from the basic rules of the road to fulfilling the dream of becoming a licensed captain!
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International Yacht Training (IYT)
IYT is the global leader and most trusted international standard of excellence in yacht training, maritime certification, and sailing adventures.

Globally Recognized Training
Master of Yachts Certification
International Yacht Charter Acceptance

Browse this path for internationally recognized yachting certifications accepted for commercial use by 25 different Governments.
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Law Enforcement Personnel
Learn More About Our Law Enforcement CoursesThe courses in this path are Peace Officer Standards of Training (POST) certified.

Ideal for personnel in the following disciplines wanting to pursue OUPV/6-Pack and Upper Tonnage Captain's Licenses:

Harbor Police               Homeland Security
Police / Sheriff              Marine Security

Military Personnel
Learn More About Our Military CourrsesMaritime Institute is a leader of education for active duty military and veterans. Courses fulfill rating specific needs of the service and career enhancing courses.

Personnel preparing to leave active service to enter the civilian maritime industry will also benefit
from these courses.

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